"Puppet" Animated Short Film by Patrick Smith

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"Gorgeous animation, expertly paced with an outstanding musical score."
- Robert Shultz, Broadcast Film Critic's Association-ABC-TV

Best Animation, Northampton Independent Film Festival, 2006.
Best Animation, Action on Film Festival, Los Angeles, 2006.
Best Animation, Griffin International Film Festival, 2006.
Best Animation, Grand Festival Award, Berkeley Film Festival, 2006.
Best Animation, Phoenix Film Festival, 2007.
Best Animation, Backseat Film Festival, 2008.
Honorable Mention, Signals International Film Festival, UK, 2006.
Honorable Mention, Smogdance Film Festival, 2007.
Third Place, First Glance Film Festival, Los Angeles, 2006.
Runner Up, Asheville Film Festival, 2006.
Third Place, Lake havasu Film Festival,AZ, 2007.
Second Place, ASIFA-East (Association Internationale du Film d'Animation), 2007.
Best Animation, Naperville Independent Film Festival, 2008.
Best Animation, Arizona Underground Film Festival, 2008.

Through an escalating series of torture, a possessed sock puppet takes embodiment of fear, chaos, and willful self-destruction.

Patrick Smith wanted to be a professional skateboarder, but hurt himself and became an animator. His films have been featured on MTV, several Spike and Mikes Collections, and hundreds of international film festivals. He's also the creator of the Zoloft Dot character, in which he conceived under the influence of alcohol, a known depressant.

Director Comments:
I love to draw. It's a lot of work, but I'm really obsessed with it. The irony of a hand puppet beating up its maker is a good representation of what we all do to ourselves when we're obsessed with work. There's no solution to this abuse, it continues for as long as the passion for the work is there. In other words, I hope my hand puppet continues to beat the tar out of me. "Puppet" is entirely hand-drawn, it took a bit less than a year to animate, although, traces of this idea are in my older sketchbooks, some as far back as '95. - PSmith

Directed, Animated and Produced by Patrick Smith. Production Supervisor Melissa Jordan. Music by Charles Fernandez, Music performed by the Trone Orchestra.

Screenings USA
2006 Tribeca Film Festival, USA. (Premiere)
2006 Los Angeles International Short Film Festival, USA.
2006 Savannah Film Festival, USA.
2006 Action on Film Festival, USA. (Winner!)
2006 San Francisco Short Film Festival, USA.
2006 Berkeley Film Festival, USA. (Winner!)
2006 Griffin International Film Festival, USA. (Winner!}
2006 Woodstock Film Festival, USA.
2006 Plymouth Film Festival, USA. (Retrospective)
2006 Northampton Independent Film Festival, USA. (Winner!)
2006 First Glance Film Festival, USA. (Winner!)
2006 Asheville Film Festival, USA. (Winner!)
2007 Florida Film Festival, USA.
2007 Smogdance Film Festival, USA. (Winner!)
2007 Durango Film Festival, USA
2007 Oxford Film Festival, USA
2007 Cleveland Film Festival, USA
2007 Atlanta Film Festival, USA
2007 Philadelphia Film Festival, USA
2007 San Fernando Film Festival, USA
2007 Lake Havasu Film Festival, USA (Winner!)
2007 Phoenix Film Festival, USA (Winner!)
2007 ASIFA-East Association Internationale du Film d'Animation. (Winner!)

Screenings World-wide
2006 Calgary Film Festival, Canada.
2006 Estenest Film Festival, Romania.
2006 Wiesbaden International Animation Festival, Germany.
2006 Exground Film Festival, Germany.
2006 Dakino International Film Festival, Romania.
2006 Rio de Janeiro Film Festival, Brazil.
2006 Signals International Film Festival, UK. (Winner!)
2006 Tirana International Film Festival, Albania.
2006 Animateka, Slovenia. (Retrospective)
2007 Anima Basauri, Spain.
2007 deReel Indepeendent Film Festival, Australia.
2007 Cartoons on the Bay, Italy.