"Handshake" Animated Short Film by Patrick Smith

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In this animated film, an innocent greeting between two people is quickly transformed into a tangled struggle, illustrating the twists and turns of a full-fledged relationship.

Production Credits:
Directed and Animated by Patrick Smith
Produced by Barbara Jean Kearney
Music by Michael Suby and the Trone Orchestra
Backgrounds by Don Poynter, Tony Curanaj, Olivia Ward
Digital Ink and Paint by Arthur Metcalf, Art Siriamonthep, Rachel Coleman, Aaron Brewer, Karen Babis, Christina Capozzi, Brandon Vernon, Chris Conforti, Melissa Jordan.
Digital to Film Transfer by Marcus VanBavel, Film Processing by Technicolor

Patrick Smith wanted to be a professional skateboarder, but hurt himself and became an animator. His films have been featured on MTV, several Spike and Mikes Collections, and over a hundred other international film festivals. He's also the creator of the Zoloft Dot character, in which he conceived under the influence of alcohol, a known depressant.

Director Comments:
Handshake was a fun film to draw. I consider myself an expert on relationships, and it was great to illustrate the emotions and experiences i've had. The film can be abstract at times, just like real relationships can be. I was fortunate enough to have the film scored and orchestrated live, which I think hammers in the romantic/abstract nature of the story. - Patrick Smith

Best Animation, 2004 Northampton Film Festival.
Best Animation, 2005 Savannah Film Festival.
Best Animation, 2005 Temecula Valley International Film and Music Festival.
Best Animation, 2005 Myrtle Beach Film Festival.
Best Animation, 2005 Golden Film Festival.
Best Animation, 2005 Spindletop Film Fesitval.
Best Animation, 2005 Long Island Film Expo.
Best Animation, 2005 Black Point Film Festival..
Best Animation, 2006 Garden State Film Festival.
1st Place, 2005 ASIFA-East (Association Internationale du Film d'Animation)
Pulcinella Award Nomination, Cartoons on the Bay 2005, Italy.
Honorable Mention, Tribeca Underground Film Festival, 2005.
Honorable Mention, Smogdance International Film Festival, 2006.
Honorable Mention, 2005 ASIFA-San Francisco(Association Internationale du Film d'Animation)
Finalist, 2006 Nicktoons Film Festival.

Official Selection of:

Ashville Film Festival, Oct. 27-30, 2005.
DC Shorts Film Festival, October 16, 2005.
West Chester Film Festival, October 7, 2005.
Ojai Film Festival, Oct. 20-23, 2005.
LA Shorts Film Festival, September 8, 2005.
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Plymouth Film Festival, July 21-24, 2005.
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Rome International Film Festival. September 8 2005.
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Golden Film Festival. Golden, CO, Feb. 25, 2005
Washington DC International Film Festival. Washington DC, March 3, 2005
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Dam Short Film Festival Short Film Festival, Feb. 4, 2005.
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